Why should we recycle? - 2017

Firstly, in order to help heal Mother Earth everyone on of us need to reduce our garbage load i.e. ‘Carbon footprint’.


One of the ways to do this is ‘recycling’. 


By not separating and recycling we are overloading the Mother Earth.  Everything then goes and gets thrown into the already full landfill.    


Landfills are actually huge holes made in Mother Earth. So basically, what we are doing is burying our garbage into Mother Earth and hoping it will all go away. But actually it can’t since most of the garbage is man made ‘plastic’ – which of course - non bio-degradable.


And since we are now running out of landfill space – the garbage is being deposited into the ocean – example: the Great Pacific garbage patch and many others and we are already aware of the effect and damage this is causing on the Marine mammals. 


Lets all try our best to help heal our Mother Earth by doing our bit - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - the best way forward...



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