Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Since we are already so deep into the plastic mess, there some steps we could to take individually, as a family, a community etc. to help deal with this mess…


We should make 

‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ our daily moto


Recycling is one of the most useful environmental practices.

Besides reducing piles of garbage -- recycling protects habitat and biodiversity, and saves energy, water, and resources such as trees etc. Recycling also cuts global warming pollution from manufacturing, landfilling and incinerating.


By Reducing the amount of stuff we buy in the first place, and Reusing what we can,

we also reduce the environmental harm associated with acquiring raw materials and manufacturing.

Some tips!

·        Purchase paper plates and paper cups rather than plastic ones, better still use metal ones - for your next function, picnic, party etc.

·        Make it easier for the family by placing bins for recycling around the home and or office.

·        Reuse paper, plastic, glass – containers, bags, tins, boxes etc.

·        There are some food stores, food takeaways, pharmacies that use paper bags, try to reuse these when you can.

·        And the big one at the moment don’t forget to carry your own bags when you go out shopping - cloth, paper or plastic if you are already sitting with a stack of it…imagine the big smile you’ll have on your face when you tell the cashier, “No” to the plastic bag/packet that is being offered!


We have to start weening ourselves off from accepting another plastic bag. 

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