Plastic Pollution -2017

Slide Show on: Plastic Pollution

It is really heart breaking to see how much of a mess and damage we have caused and are continuing to do to our planet – Mother Earth.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all just say,

“No” to plastic bags/packets,…Step One!

Please let’s say “No” to plastic bags/packets…

‘Plastic Pollution’ is taking over and is our biggest crime... 

But what can we do? We are so deep into it that it seems impossible to climb out.  We are surrounded by plastic: - keyboards, cell phones, grocery bags, water and cool drink bottles, food containers, shoes, hair accessories etc.  


The "what do we do with it after using or how to dispose of it", is now becoming a series problem.  The landfills are bursting at it seams, nowhere else to get rid of it so we have now taken to recycing on a mojor level. Coverting our old plastic items to new plastic furniture, grass, trees etc. Soon we will be surrounded by plastic and 'wood and all natural products would become a thing of the past. 

It seems like we are trying to convert nature – all that is pure to plastic – all that is damaging and destructive to the environment.

 Are we not fooling ourselves? We are becoming plastic! We don’t realise how much “plastic” has become part of our lives and how much we depend on its use until you stop and take stock… shocking!!!

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