About me...

Ever since I can remember I always had the deep desire to share any information that I found beautiful, interesting, informative and educational. 

My Beliefs… well ‘universality’ – that we are all part and parcel of the whole. 

We have the ability to create and destroy. What we desire will eventually manifest…good or bad.  We have the ability to rise and take others with us or fall and drag others down with us.  We have a ‘Life Force’ within us that is ‘absolute love’. 

Our beautiful planet –‘Earth’, created over eons, with great care, love and patience, by the ‘Source’ of all, to accommodate, entertain, and nurture its children, that’s us - humans.

However, over time, due to power struggle, greed and ignorance we managed to abuse and damage our home to such a point that it is now on the verge of total destruction.  Destroying the ecosystem, soil, air, water… the entire environment, where it could reach a non-reversible stage.  

We all, the inhabitants of Earth, need to stand up and take the necessary steps to sort out the mess we've created.  Ignoring the problem or secretly wishing that someone else will handle it is not going to take the problem away. 

Climate Change is real and yes, it is affecting us in many ways that we can see and feel - heat waves, droughts, flooding, storms, decrease in crop yields, rising sea levels, to list a few... Why are these things happening, and what can we do about it?

I eventually decided to put my money where my money where my mouth is...

Hence the birth of my second children's book called - R"Rosy & Friends learn about Climate Change, Global Warming, Plastic Pollution and the three R's". 

The Purpose of the Book:

To help children become more aware and understand the serious environmental issues we are facing globally such as Climate change and Global warming. 

The reader will also learn about plastic pollution and how it adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat and humans.

As a solution to help alleviate these global environmental issues, the reader will learn about and how to - recycle, reduce and reuse.

Please let us collectively help heal our planet.


Love & respect


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